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Dance Recital Ticketing

What we provide to support your studio

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    Free, quick, and easy setup

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    Custom, easy-to-use ticketing site

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    Discounts and Coupons to honor recital packages

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    Phone and email support with extended hours for you and your dancer's families

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    The ability to control purchasing access, ticket purchase limits, and access to tickets

Ways we provide ticketing

General Admission and Reserved Seating Shows

General Admission and Reserved Seating Shows

Virtual and Streamed Shows

Virtual and Streamed Shows

Dance Performance

DRT stands as the leading provider of online ticketing solutions tailored specifically for Dance Studios, boasting over 12 years of industry leadership. Fluent in your unique language and deeply immersed in your world, we understand the intricate nuances of your dance studio like no other. Just as we wouldn't attempt to teach dance, why burden yourself with mastering ticketing? Entrust your ticketing needs to the experts at DRT and focus on what you do best - spreading the passion for dance and taking care of the next generation of dancers.

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    Weekly Payments: We know you need your recital ticket money to pay for deposits, costumes, supplies, and pizza for your volunteers. So, receive your funds weekly, on Thursdays, for all sales the Monday through Sunday of the week prior. Unlike some other guys, DRT will not withhold your first week's sales.

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    Recital Packages: The DRT platform has the tools to help you manage the tickets that were pre-sold as part of your recital package. Create coupon codes or discounts to provide families tickets or ticket value to be used directly on your ticketing site. You will also be able to easily track which of your families have purchased tickets, and which have not.

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    Tuition Control/Early Access: If you would like to control who can buy tickets and who cannot, DRT has you covered. If you want to grant seniors, staff and volunteers early access to buy their preferred tickets, no problem! If you want to only allow families with a zero balance to buy tickets, we've got your back. We've seen every scenario and have a solution for you.

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    Roster*: Make it clear to your dance parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles which show their star performer is in by adding a list of names into each showtime. Shows are then automatically searchable by first and last name for a clearer shopping experience.

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    Credit Performer*: Know who your parents are coming to see by enabling this field at checkout. Optional or required, this feature allows parents to tell you who they're coming to see. This is perfect for running a contest or ensuring each of your families has purchased tickets.

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    Multi-show/ Sibling Discounts: There is no discount too special for DRT! Through standard or custom-made coupons or custom automatic discounts, give your dance families the discount you feel they deserve!

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    Add-ons: We want to see you succeed and grow! DRT offers many ways to increase your revenue. Sell your DVDs, flowers, t-shirts, and studio-branded swag along with your tickets as a way to increase revenue and buyer engagement.

* A rare feature available in this class of ticketing service

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