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School Performance

DRT is present and ready to be your campus solution for events. Whether it's High School prom, a college graduation, thrilling football games, or captivating theater club performances, we've got you covered every step of the way. Partnering with your departments, we seamlessly integrate all events onto one branded ticketing platform, ensuring a cohesive and hassle-free experience for your campus community. And that's not all - with our versatile platform, you can even sell yearbooks, uniforms, swag, and more, all from your customized site. Elevate your campus events with DRT - where convenience meets excellence.

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    Multiple Event Types: Put all your eggs in our basket! Your ticketing site provided by DRT can host all your events, from theatre to athletics, prom to graduation, one link for them all.

  • payments

    Check Payments: Get money to the right department with a check payment to that department from DRT! Public Schools and 501c3s are eligible!

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    Yearbooks: Our merchandise feature can host any kind of item you wish, yearbooks, uniforms, swag, books, and more! Your students need it, we can sell it!

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    Limited/ Priority Access: Keep your event sales safe and fair by creating access codes. These codes can be used to allow special groups, like seniors, to buy first, or can be used to keep sales safeguarded from the general public. They can also be used to limit tickets per student and can be used to ensure students who can attend are in good academic standing.

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    Custom Branding: We know school spirit is important to you! DRT's Production Team will always produce a visually appealing, branded ticketing site. DRT creates sites based on the school's logo, chosen theme from our themes library, or from client-provided custom graphics. DRT also gives you access to our Theme Builder, allowing you to customize your own site header, font sizes, button colors, and more.

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    Virtual: We know that not everyone can make it to every event, offering Live Streams or digital downloads for your events allows you to spread your school's spirit even further and increase revenue for your departments.

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    Donations: Don't miss out on an opportunity to grow your charitable funds. With DRT you can list multiple donations funds for patrons to give to with a few simple clicks.