Features for Individuality

  • Admin Portal: Get 24/7, 365 access to your own admin portal to manage your events, additional features, create access and coupon codes, or view financial and event reports.
  • All Seating Types: DRT can accommodate all seating arrangements including General Admission, Reserved Seating, a combination of the two.
  • Branded Ticketing Site: DRT's Production Team will always produce a visually appealing, branded ticketing site. DRT creates sites based on the school's logo, chosen theme from our themes library, or from client-provided custom graphics. DRT also gives you access to our Theme Builder, allowing you to customize your own site header, font sizes, button colors, and more.
  • Checkout Questions: Is there something you really want to know? Set checkout questions, either optional or required to gain information or insight from your patrons. You could ask them anything from "Would you like to sign up for our newsletter" to "Would you like a program?"
  • Custom Link: A link that's all for you, always! At no cost, sell your events on a custom ticketing link that is dedicated solely to your organization.
  • Custom Policies: DRT allows all organizations to set custom policies regarding refunds, exchanges, door sales, lap children, and access code extensions. DRT support staff will then uphold these policies when communicating with patrons on your behalf.
  • Gen to Res: DRT supports "general to reserved" seating which allows patrons to purchase general admission style tickets and the organization can then assign a seat to an order.
  • Golden Tickets: Voted DRT's "Most Fun Feature"! Organizations with reserved seating events can assign prizes to certain seats and the patrons who purchase that seat will be pleasantly surprised when they download their tickets and see a gold winning ticket!

Features for Control

  • Admin Mode: Sell tickets at the door through your ticketing site by keeping sales open and using "Admin Mode". This allows you to preload information for faster checkout.
  • Blocked/ Reserved Seats: Through your admin portal, you can block up to 10% of your venue to give to VIPs, for large or handicapped families, or for a performer section. Tickets for blocked seats can be emailed to guests at no cost or guests can be sent a reservation code if you'd like them to purchase those specific seats.
  • Cart Timer: All ticketing sites have a cart timer, ensuring tickets in abandoned carts are returned to sale.
  • Credit Performer*: Know who your patrons are coming to see by enabling this field at checkout. Optional or required, this feature allows patrons to tell you who they're coming to see.
  • Limited Access/ Priority Period: Keep your event sales safe and fair by creating access codes. These codes can be used to allow special groups, like seniors, to buy first, or can be used to keep sales safeguarded from the general public. They can also be used to limit tickets or to control tuition/ academic standing.
  • Limits: DRT allows clients to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased at both the event and cart level. Limits can also be enforced using access codes. Limits can be added and removed at request or based on a set date/ time.
  • Order Validation*: DRT will program order validation at the request of an organization to ensure orders meet minimum requirements. For example, if a child ticket is in the cart, there must be an adult ticket.
  • Patron Database: Use this database to manage patrons with ease! Assign patrons to groups, send emails and create patron pins. Patron pins allow shoppers to enter one unique code that encompasses all access and coupon codes assigned to that patron.
  • Sales Start/ End Times: No need to start sales without support! DRT will work with you to schedule a sales start time based on an internal calendar to ensure support staff are fully available to support your patrons when sales begin. Your sales start time can be adjusted easily by our team. Through your admin portal you can easily adjust when your sales will end to allow for door sales preparation.
  • Staff Admin Access: Create Admin Portal Log-ins for your trusted staff and volunteers to allow them to assist with door sales. Additional log-ins can be given "No Financials" access to keep your finance and accounting information private

Features for Profitability

  • ACH Weekly or Post-Event: Almost all organizations are eligible to receive weekly payments. Weekly payments are paid on Thursdays for sales collected between Monday and Sunday of the week prior. Post-event payments are also available. Schools and 501c3s are eligible to receive payment by check.
  • Coupons/ Automatic Discounts*: DRT gives all organizations access to create and distribute standard coupons for patrons. DRT will also create customized coupons at request, such as multi-show discounts. If every patron is eligible to receive a discount, DRT will program an automatic discount.
  • Donations: We care about your cause! DRT allows you to collect donations toward a fund or funds of your choice through our ticketing site. You can even send an automatic thank you email to patrons who donate!
  • Dynamic Pricing (coming soon): Pricing changes can be set based on the parameters you want! Like capacity sold, number of orders, date/time, or capacity of other related shows.
  • Gift Cards: Create and use gift cards within our system to honor packages, process refunds or handle special scenarios.
  • Merchandise: DRT allows you to sell almost any kind of merchandise along with your tickets. Items can be customized by subitem, like shirt sizes, with quantities, delivery type, etc.
  • Reporting: Knowledge is power! DRT gives all organizations access to an array of reports including an escrow ledger, revenue by show, sold/ unsold seats, merchandise, etc.
  • Safe and Secure Checkout: DRT's checkout process is 100% safe and secure. DRT will never sell or share your data or your patron's data. DRT is committed to storing data responsibility and keeping up-to-date on improvements in industry data and security standards.
  • Ticket Protection (Coming Soon): If your organization wishes, patrons can purchase ticket protection for a small fee, allowing them to get a refund. Refunds on orders with Ticket Protection are processed separately from your funds, and your revenue is protected! Those tickets can also be sold again for additional revenue!
  • Tiered/ Typed Pricing: Pricing can be customized to increase revenue and make your events accessible for all patrons. Pricing can be tiered by seat location and ticket types can be set to allow different price points for different subsets of patrons, such as, "adult", "child" or "military". Price Increases and Door prices can also be accommodated.
  • Virtual Shows*: DRT supports you in generating additional revenue through selling virtual access to your event. This could be a Video on Demand, Digital Download or Live Stream! DRT will host your link or work directly with your videographer to save you time.
  • Waitlist: Utilize a waitlist if your event sells out! Returned or additional tickets can be sold directly to those on the waitlist, in order!
  • Revenue Protection*: DRT is proud to offer complete revenue protection through a two-pronged approach. First, protect against chargebacks with Chargeback Protection. For a small increase in the ticketing fee, DRT will take responsibility for all chargebacks and associated costs. With Refund Protection powered by Protecht (coming Fall 2024), offer your patrons the chance to protect their order. Should they refund their order, your revenue is safe- and those tickets can even be sold again for additional revenue. DRT is all about keeping your money with you.

Features for Support

  • Email Support: Quick and accurate response is our top priority! Our Support Team is consistently checking our inbox.
  • Patron Support: Not only does DRT support your organization, but we also support your families! That means all the calls you get about your event, exchanges, refunds, or help purchasing are handled by DRT!
  • Phone Support: We know you don't work 9-5, so neither do we! Our Support Team works seasonally extended hours to support your organization and your events during evenings and weekends.
  • Tango: Support that is so hands on, it feels like we are doing the Tango! Tango, DRT's screen-sharing service, allows our support team to guide you through an admin portal scenario.
  • Text Support: We know you work on the go! So, for your convenience, you can also text our support team at 706-550-1416!

Features for Simplicity

  • Accessible Seating: Easily marked accessible seating allows for families needing those seats to locate and purchase them with ease. Seats can be linked to ensure the families of those requiring accessible seating can sit with their group.
  • Blank Tickets: Print blank tickets to sell general admission tickets at the door for cash at no cost to you!
  • Digital Assets and Information: Easily add links to digital assets and additional information to order receipts, like a link to a digital event program or parking information.
  • Free Scanning App*: Door sales are a breeze with DRT's free scanning app. Available in the apple and android app stores, this app allows your staff and volunteers to check tickets and gather attendance data right from their phone.
  • Interactive Charts*: Give your patrons the best shopping experience with an interactive seating chart- one that comes with an accuracy guarantee! We already have over 4,000 venues on file, and if we don't - we will build it at no cost!
  • Landing Page: Before sales begin, patrons with the ticketing link can view a branded landing page informing them exactly when sales will begin. Organizations can customize this landing page with event information and photos.
  • Roster*: Make it clear to your patrons which event their performer or participant is in by uploading a list of names into each event. Events are then searchable by first and last name for a clearer shopping experience.
  • Show Groups: Improve the buying experience by grouping your events! This allows you to do things like collapse the event list, or provide add-ons, like merchandise, for specific events.
  • Unsold Tickets: Print unsold tickets by event to sell reserved seating tickets at the door for cash at no cost to you!

Features for Speed

  • Apple Wallet (Coming Soon): Patrons can add their mobile tickets to their Apple Wallet after purchase, allowing them to find them easily on the day of event.
  • Card Swiper Compatibility: In "Admin Mode", connect to a credit card swiper for faster checkout.
  • Cash Button: In "Admin Mode", use the cash button to accept cash payments.
  • Google Wallet: Patrons can add their mobile tickets to their Google Wallet after purchase, allowing them to find them easily on the day of event.
  • Instant Ticket Download: After purchase, tickets can be downloaded immediately! If you do not wish patrons to download tickets immediately, ask us about our order approval feature and ticket download policies.
  • POS Pre-Fill: Set pre-filled patron information to speed up door sales even more and identify door sales easily within reports.
  • Mobile Tickets: If an organization chooses, patrons will have access to mobile tickets that can be scanned right from their phone. Because DRT is a green company, this setting is set to "yes" by default.
  • Scannable Flyer: If you do not have the staff or resources to sell at the door, no problem! Keep your sales online and print our provided scannable flyer, this way patrons needing to make purchases can do so by scanning the QR to visit your ticketing link.

*A rare feature available in this class of ticketing service